Monday, 1 September 2008

Iemma & Costa: Here're your hats, what's your hurry...

So NSW Treasurer Michael Costa is threatening to quit within 10 weeks if he doesn't get his way over the partial sale of the state's electricity assets and other as yet unnamed measures.
And little Morrie Iemma is bleating about the fact that not undertaking complete power privatisation has wrecked the
NSW credit rating.

Ignoring the fact that it would take more than the loss of a projected $10 billion in sale funds to bring down a credit rating which Standard & Poors had at AAA less than a year ago.
The fact of the matter is that these two political drongoes had continued on where Bob Carr left off and run the state's infrastructure into the ground before facing harsh realities.

And now Iemma has the hide to sool his nasty little Pomeranian, Health Minister Reba Meagher, onto the NSW North Coast and
threaten to withhold future hospital infrastructure upgrades at Lismore Base Hospital because he didn't get his own way over electricity.

Well, the answer to that from many on the North Coast would be the same as the one from Maud up the street:

Sit on it and rotate, fellas!

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