Monday, 15 December 2008

Thinking of making paperless Christmas cards this year?

If you want to send a simple Christmas greeting by e-mail and so avoid the guilt of using paper this year, here is the simplest method:

Go to Google Images and search for appropriate pictures such as Christmas tree, Christmas scene, Christmas bells, Santa Claus.

  • Download your favourite images to Desktop.
  • Create an e-mail and give it a coloured or patterned background.
  • Insert a picture and centre it.
  • Pick the font type and colour you fancy and write your message.
Nothing simpler.

* If you want to caption the picture with a personal message, pimp the card or create a Christmas collage, then go to BIG HUGE Labs and take advantage of the free, easy to use tools there.

If you are into prepared e-cards there are downloadable examples at Yahoo! Kids or personalise those found at ecards4ever.

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