Monday, 2 March 2009

Letter to Guest Speak on corruption and p@edophilia

Last week a letter was submitted to Guest Speak for publication.
This letter contained a number of untrue or defamatory statements so cannot be included here.
However, as the general subject matters were alleged police corruption and p*edophilia and because ramifications from various government inquiries are still flowing, North Coast Voices has included the following historical links for readers interested in these issues.

This report of the Kimmins Inquiry addresses the first four terms of reference related to the possibility of systemic wrongdoing in the Queensland Police Service in the handling of suspected p#edophilia cases. The report on the final term of reference (which looked at isolated complaints against individual police officers) was published separately in February 1999.

This report examines the fifth and final term of reference addressed by the Kimmins Inquiry. The fifth term of reference related to 56 separate complaints that were made of isolated incidents related to police mishandling of cases involving suspected p#edophilia rather than of systemic wrongdoing.

Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct also known as the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Courier Mail: Shadow Land reporting by Michael Ware.

Royal Commission Into Whether There Has Been Corrupt Or Criminal Conduct By Any Western Australian Police Officer also known as the Kennedy report

Exposing corruption within senior levels of Victoria Police, Office of Police Integrity

Exposing Victoria's underbelly, February 2009

Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report also known as the Wood Royal Commission.

VOLUME1.pdf (1,733kb)

VOLUME2.pdf (2,140kb)

VOLUME3.pdf (5,944kb)

VOLUME4.pdf (6,732kb)

VOLUME5.pdf (2,483kb)

VOLUME6.pdf (12,098kb)

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