Sunday, 1 November 2009

Danielle Burford wins 2009 Clarence Valley Indigenous Art Award

Danielle Burford has won the $5,000 Clarence Valley Indigenous Art Award for 2009 with her acrylic painting Wonambi and the Wollemi Pine.

Penny Evans took out the $1,000 second prize with her painting Strange Fruit.

Danielle is an accomplished artist as her
previous art amply demonstrates.

Sand Goanna
The Double Drummer


Anonymous said...

Indigenous Art Awards should go to indigenous Australians!

Anonymous said...

It is fantastic to see a talented young woman who is extremely proud of her mixed heritage create such beautiful work

Anonymous said...

I agree, Indigenous Art Awards should go to indigenous Australians!

Bevan said...

They are going to Indigenous Australians !!!!!

Anonymous said...

A) when leave comment sign it my friend, B) the award goes to Indigenous Australians, that is why its called Indigenous award you fool C) before you will spread bad blood, sweep your own porch and throw skeletons from your own wardrobe so I do not have to deal with you here:-) fool

North Coast Voices Admin. said...

Whilst I appreciate that right now feelings are running high on the issue of identity and I sympathize with those supporting the indigenous community in the current debate flowing from the Eatock v Bolt judgment, I would appreciate it if name calling was avoided in the comments submitted here.