Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Essential Report opinion poll on politcal leaders shows Rudd still outshines Abbott in the personality stakes

The Essential Report pollsters asked 1,816 people for their opinion of various personality traits in relation to the Australian Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, with 1009 responding to this 23-28 February online poll conducted at Your Source.

Kevin Rudd as incumbent Labor prime minister still wipes the floor with his Coalition counterpart across all positive categories - intelligent, hard-working, visionary, down-to-earth, capable leader, good in crisis, trustworthy, understands problems facing Australia, more honest than most politicians etc.
In relation to what might be seen as negative characteristics both men are considered equally demanding, with Rudd viewed as more superficial and complacent than Abbott who is seen as more out of touch, inflexible, narrow-minded and arrogant by most respondents.

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Possum over at Pollytics breaks down the Essential Report data into easy to read tables.

The latest Newspoll shows similar two-party preferred percentages to those which occurred at the 2007 federal election, which seems to give Labor the winner's crown if an election had been held in the last fortnight. In this poll Rudd led Abbott as preferred prime minister by 25 percentage points.

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