Thursday, 18 March 2010

FSANZ and the Food Labelling Law & Policy Review: intending to keep consumers ignorant for international biotech companies' benefit?

Hat tip to MADGE for pointing out the fact that the Food Labelling Law & Policy Review March 2010 Issues Consultation Paper seems to suggest that it would be acceptable for the general public and individual consumers/shoppers to be deliberately kept in the dark concerning certain food ingredients and/or preparation processes:

3.16 Certain technological developments in food production – genetic modification (GM), irradiation and nano-technology – have raised consumer concerns relating to these technologies that have led to calls for disclosure on food labelling. However, caution needs to be exercised in order that the development and application of these and other innovative technologies are not unduly inhibited.

If you have any concerns about this attitude now is the time to raise your voice.

Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy website with online submission page. Submissions closing date is 14 May 2010.
A public consultation is scheduled for Sydney on 29 March and one can register here.

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