Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Hamburgler fights back against Yamba?

Yamba went public in the media last week about its opposition to the McDonald's Restaurants move to establish one of its fast food outlets in Treelands Drive.

A Facebook page was also created called NO to McDonalds in Yamba.

Shortly thereafter another Facebook page sprang up, YES to McDonalds in Yamba (snapshot above). This page looks suspiciously like it was created by the multinational food franchise, its publicists or a company employee or two - perhaps even their family members.

It has all the hallmarks; links to the official company website and multiple promos for McDonald's goods and activities.
However, like the Hamburgler, the page hides behind a mask and doesn't openly declare its creator's identity.

Just after the above post was published the YES to McDonalds in Yamba page posted this:
Noticed something so fun today, some people think this site (page) has been setup by McDonald's Australia......
I am a local who has lived in Townsend, Yamba and Maclean for plenty of years. I have family up and down the Clarence Valley and my Parents have been local residents for 13+ years.
So NO this isn't a corporate site. It's a personal FAN site which is pointing out all the POSITIVES!
The jury's still out on this claim.

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