Thursday, 11 March 2010

A little good news in New South Wales

According to the Weekly Greenhouse Indicator published by The Climate Group there is a little good news but New South Wales needs to do a lot better if we are to get on top of carbon pollution:

This week's (26 Feb to 4 Mar) NSW Indicator is 1.953 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the breakdown is as follows:

In tonnes:

Electricity from coal: 1.146 million; 58.7%

Natural gas: 0.126 million; 6.5%

Petroleum: 0.680 million; 34.8%

This week

NSW's emissions from energy were largely unchanged from last week.

Emissions sources

Emissions from coal-fired electricity, which accounted for 91% of electricity generation in NSW this week, fell by 1.3% or 15,000 tonnes. Emissions from gas were the same as last week. Emissions from petroleum products grew by 2.2% or 14,000 tonnes.

Demand & Import/Export

Electricity demand fell by 5.7%, with less demand for cooling in the milder weather. NSW imported 6% of its electricity demand from other states, which was the same as last week.


This week's Indicator is 6.5% lower than the same week in 2009 and total emissions to this stage of 2010 are 5.9% lower than the similar stage last year. This week's Indicator is 18% above the average equivalent 1990 weekly emissions and 1.0% above the equivalent 2000 weekly average.

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