Sunday, 14 March 2010

Premier Keneally. Won't come to see us. Might send a photo.

NSW Premier Kristina K. Keneally won't accept the NSW Northern River's invitation to visit but has just released a glossy new 12-page brochure called "100 Days, A New Direction for NSW" reported to contain 124 photos of her smiling face - all at taxpayers' expense. Albeit in what seems to be a limited print run.
While this obvious vanity puff piece is at my and your expense I cannot find an official copy online anywhere. It's not on her blog or the official NSW Premier's website as I write.
So who's going to see this American-style propaganda? Just the media and select vippies in the cities?
Or is Kristina going to spend more of our money mailing it out to every NSW household?
Nah. She wouldn't be that stupid, surely.....

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