Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sir, how dare you traduce earthworms in that manner!

Last Monday 'Granny Herald' reported that perennial Pom Richard Dawkins has a low opinion of both Aussie Senator Steve Fielding and earthworms everywhere:
"I can give you a devastating argument against religion in two words," Williams said in his introduction.
"Senator Fielding. Richard Dawkins said his IQ is lower than an earthworm, but I think earthworms are useful."
Dr Dawkins and Senator Fielding appeared on the ABC's Q&A program on Monday, where they clashed over the senator's belief in creationism."
Here is the Q&A exchange in all its glory as a hapless, intellectually challenged senator tries to defend his belief in Creationism and support for Intelligent Design.

However what is really interesting is this little piece of blatant political distortion in the same program:
"STEVE FIELDING: Look, it may be that you've read more than I have, Tony, but, look, at the end of the - look, for example, I mean my faith if personal. I don't think I've ever really come out and spoken about it. It's the media that have quizzed me more on it than I've actually gone out and actually spoken on it. In actual fact I first met the Prime Minister when I was first elected and it's funny, you know, he sat there, pulled out his Bible out of his top pocket and started to lecture me and give me a sermon and I thought, that's interesting. I've never done that to anyone and here's the Prime Minister, first meeting, never met the guy, he pulls out his Bible. He's probably still got it in his top pocket, I think. But look, it's not - I think it's very personal and I think that, look, I've got my decision making - my core decision-making team. I have a Jew and an atheist. I think you should be making policy on common sense and what is best for Australia. I don't think that, you know, Australians like the idea of having it driven by religion and that is the truth, Tony. I've never raised the issue. It's very personal to me. I've never gone out and done what Kevin Rudd's done - meet someone for the first time..."
Clue to a truth stretch being underway here?
When was the last time you saw a Bible with readable-sized print capable of fitting in a "top pocket"? And if his first meeting with Rudd was when "I was first elected" that would've been sometime in 2004-05. Rudd was then in Opposition as the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. He didn't become PM until 2007.

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