Saturday, 1 January 2011

Confronting, curious, intriguing, questionable and amusing quotes read or heard over the festive holiday period

"cows do not belong in fields."
Nocton Dairies,UK,on its development application,2010

Norad is tracking Santa. Let's hope they don't overcompensate for 9/11 failures by blowing this bearded fundamentalist out of the sky.
Darryl Mason,on Twitter,2010

We are the only non-singing Welsh on the planet, me and my family. We migrated because we were polluting the gene pool.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Labor TV interview with Corinne Grant

Manning related to me on December 18 2010 that he does not receive any substantive exercise and cannot perform even basic exercises in his cell. When told of the Pentagon's statement that he did indeed receive exercise, Manning's reply was that he is able to exercise insofar as walking in chains is a form of exercise.
Statement allegedly made by Private Bradley Manning being held in the Quantico Marine Base brig,2010

"Voting in Oz these days is almost always a choice between the ignorant or inept and the corrupt"
Petering Time, in conversation,2010

MADGE Australia Inc is happy to be the conduit for totally confidential leaks coming out of @FSANZnews
MADGE Australia Inc,onTwitter,2010

And if anyone should sue for mental distress surely it should be a teenage girl taken sexual advantage of by grown men, allegedly impregnated by one of them, then tossed aside like a used jockstrap.
Derryn Hinch,on the St. Kilda football club,2010

Australians remain uniquely exposed to mistreatment by bureaucrats and government. We want better protection of rights – the polls show us that – but not having them provokes little concern round the kitchen tables of the nation. We muddle through, hoping and trusting. It's the Australian way.
David Marr, 10th Human Rights Oration,2010

According to my local federal member, the legislation for internet filtering was shelved. However, the software was still developed, so who knows if they have implemented it anyway. I have had problems with some sites in the last few weeks, and no idea why.
Theresa,onYahoo!7 Answers,2010

But it's interesting you're raising that particular question, because it's something that appears to be coming out of attempts to conflate media activities with espionage. That's a serious business.
Julian Assange,CBS interview,2010

Earlier in the negotiations with Tony Abbott, he said in no uncertain terms that he would be prepared to double the humanitarian intake into Australia in return for my support.
Andrew Wilkie MP,ABC PM interview, 2010

Several doctors across Australia were recently caught out publicly ridiculing patients on Facebook, labelling some "whingers" and "dissatisfied housewives" to their online network of friends. Some doctors were even found to have disparagingly named patients on social networking sites."I feel like an adviser to a women's knitting club, having to suffer the whines of Mrs X and her daughter Ms X," one doctor posted.
"Warning to docs over mocking patients",2010

Pope says God suprises us whats he gonna do jump out of a closet and go BOO

The Department of Health and Ageing, was the heaviest user of market research services. In the past five financial years, the department spent almost $24m on surveying the public mood.
"$31 million to read public's mind",2010

''Our current unfair dismissal system encourages Australians to behave like greedy whingers. A no-fault dismissal system would set our heads right on the issue and provide for dignity of exit, allowing people to focus not on legal conflict but on managing departure in the chosen way whilst being encouraged to embrace the future opportunities that are always just around the corner.''
Grace Collier,industrial relations consultant to H.R. Nicholls Society,2010

This is not an argument for kicking a million disability pensioners and long-term unemployed people off benefits .
Australian Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, on his 'fairer welfare' policy,2010

Armenia's Chief of Police, Alik Sarkisian, claimed that emo could "damage our gene pool". "We should fight against such phenomena because they are morally harmful to our people,"
"Armenian police target teenage rock cult",2010

Watching the Walking Dead. Creepy similarities to the Australian cricket team...
Rod McGuinness, on Twitter,2010

The Department of Housing is collecting almost $7 million from private renters living in what is supposed to be public housing, while almost 50,000 people are on waiting lists. Central has found that Housing NSW uses realtor Run Property to lease 20 properties to private renters, including apartments and houses, in the inner city and three elsewhere in NSW.
"Housing NSW cashes in on private rents",2010

"The success of the Labor Party at the next election depends entirely, as it always has done, on the people who work."
NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, allegedly quoting Ben Chifley,2010

Ways you know you've enjoyed the #boxingdaysales:
1. you need to phone the bank at the checkout after overspending daily limit...
2. you can't physically carry it to your car.
3. you can't FIT it in your car.
4. thought of getting upstairs is like a TAbbott marathon. forgot what you actually bought.

Journalist Latika Bourke, on Twitter,2010

Take your pick: flooded, fried or frozen
The Australian, headline commenting on extremes of weather across the country in late December, 2010

SOUTH Australian couples wanting to end their marriage are increasingly using the internet to do so. More than 250 people in almost 18 months have applied for divorce using an online service.The Federal Magistrates Court introduced its "e-filing" separation option in September 2009, allowing unhappy spouses to take the first step towards official separation over the internet.In the past 15 months, 268 South Australians applied to end their marriage online.Another service, where men and women are alerted via a text message when their divorce has been granted, has also been flagged by the Federal Magistrates Court.Earlier this month Australian Bureau of Statistics figures revealed the number of people divorcing nationally increased by 4.7 per cent in 2009, the first rise since 2001.
"E-divorce on rise as couples disconnect",2010

Today approximately 1.8 billion people use the Internet to do everything from conduct business, communicate with friends and family, keep up with current events or simply entertain themselves playing games or watching videos. Each individual and each Internet-connected device presents a certain footprint that is exposed and often manipulated for criminal or political gain. Malware, or malicious software, is often the catalyst for this manipulation, while targets span the gamut from corporate and national secrets to personal information that can be used to directly steal money or another crime. Technology and the Internet provide the means and opportunity, while global socioeconomic trends provide the motive to perpetuate these crimes.
"State of the Internet 2010",CA Technologies white paper

MELBOURNE'S Catholic Archdiocese has failed to announce or fully implement changes requested by Victoria Police to the church's sexual abuse inquiry process, more than a year after serious deficiencies were exposed...........
Sources close to the church have said that police have requested it to revamp its inquiry process to ensure that priests under investigation for sexual offences by detectives are not in effect tipped off by the church's chief abuse investigator, Peter O'Callaghan, QC, that they are the subject of a police probe.
Church sources also confirmed to The Age that the police had serious concerns about Mr O'Callaghan's practice of comparing himself to a royal commissioner, despite the fact that he is appointed and paid for by the church.

"Church 'silent' on abuse reforms",2010

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav was found guilty of rape and other sex crimes on Thursday, in what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a sad day for the Jewish state.
"Former Israeli President Found Guilty of Rape"

Every Aus media is controlled by this corruption, all bar Crikey and @BernardKeane.Shame on the lot of you. #MDBA
qwadja on Twitter,2010

Jules Faber in The Daily Examiner, 2010

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