Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hartsuyker forgets his history in headlong rush for media attention in the wake of HoR Speaker Jenkins' resignation

"There would not be a person on Capital Hill here that believes for a moment that Mr Jenkins' resignation was anything other than a political execution by a Prime Minister who has fallen" said the Nationals MP for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker in The Daily Examiner last Saturday. He went on to add that Mr Jenkins had been "a fine Speaker" and had the full support of the Coalition.

This is the same Hartsuyker who so disrespected the Office of Speaker that he refused a lawful direction from the chair to remove himself from the House of Representatives – causing the sitting day to be suspended:

The very same man who has been sent from the House on numerous occasions since that time, after ignoring warnings given by The Speaker. Who was sitting on the Opposition benches in the House on 31 May this year; the day that Harry Jenkins threatened to resign because a slim majority of MPs present including (Hartsuyker and Oakeshott) had refused to vote in support of the Speaker and expel a fellow Coalition parliamentarian for twenty-four hours.

As The Australian reported the next day:

One of his own recent suspensions was reported by The Coffs Coast Advocate on 11 June 2011:

It is worth noting that Luke Hartsuyker was also one of the first MPs the new Speaker Peter Slipper sent from the House on his first day in office - or as Annabel Crabb so colourfully tweeted;  Peter Dutton and Luke Hartsuyker get a Slipper to the bum - they're out!

In light of this it is risible for the Member for Cowper on the NSW North Coast to claim any degree of respect for the Office of Speaker or for Mr. Jenkins.

Because Hartsuyker has joined the chorus of Opposition supporter’s shouting about Westminster conventions it is well to remember that, according to House of Representatives Practice ( Fifth Edition), the very first Commonwealth Government elected in 1901 was a minority government formed by the Protectionist Party and its first Speaker was Sir Frederick Holder of the Free Trade Party in Opposition.

As Speaker, Frederick Holder changed parties after that to become a Protectionist MP under an Australian Labor Party Government and then an Anti-Socialist Party MP under successive Free Trade-Protectionist Coalition, Labor Party and Fusion Party governments, before dying as Speaker in 1909.

The second Speaker on the historical record was none other than Charles Carty Salmon of the Liberal Protectionist Party serving the House during a Labor Government. While Labor MP Charles Kennedy McDonald briefly served as Speaker during a Nationalist Government.

So all one can conclude from Luke Hartsuyker’s bluster about "execution" and "respect" is that he cannot or deliberately will not recall either his own personal or Parliament’s history.

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