Friday, 2 December 2011

Daily Departures: Who will tell us when our friends are having their funeral?

Today's print edition's of The Coffs Coast Advocate and The Tweed Daily News are collector items. After today, both papers will become mere shells of themselves despite bells, whistles and hoopla coming from various APN sources about new, improved online news for readers interested in local news in the Coffs and Tweed local areas. This reader hopes APN keeps its promises and The Daily Examiner and The Northern Star  improve their coverage of the Coffs and Tweed areas.
A correspondent to the Tweed Daily News (you've just gotta luv such dear souls) points out the impact the demise of his Tweed daily will have on "oldies".

Tweed 'infrastructure' lost

Thank you for allowing me to express my views at the local level for the past 12 years.
Along with many others who have spoken to me about your restricted publication we will all miss your Daily News.
Your much read local news and local history is now lost to the Tweed as we grow.
Very few of us "oldies" will follow you on the computer that many do not have or want.
On a very personal note, a number of my friends have asked: "Who will tell us when our friends are having their funeral?"
Part of Tweed's infrastructure has died and we will be lost.
Maybe your Saturday edition needs a section called: "Seen in hospital last week".
Thank you again.
Laurie Ganter

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