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In which NSW North Coast residents continue to have their say regarding Steve...

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Fine tribute

COME on Mr Cansdell and Mr Gulaptis and the other National Party members, get real.
Take a deep breath and a deep look at the situation you are creating.
You are aiding and abetting rewards for breaking the law.
Mr Cansdell has admitted he was dishonest by falsifying a statutory declaration to escape a speeding fine.
Something obviously happened.
So, after doing a bit of research, he came forward and resigned.
This in turn enabled him to get his pension.
If he had been sacked he would have missed out.
This electorate has a lot of crime problems at present and as far as I am concerned this incident is setting a bad example for this area.
If Mr Cansdell and his National Party mates had any decency at all they would abandon the dinner and pay the cost of the by-election.
If Mr Cansdell does not go to jail, then why did Justice Einfeld go?

South Grafton [Letter to the Editor published 26 January 2012]

By suffernofools from Maclean on 26/1/2012 at 8:30AM
Ursula, don't get your knickers in a knot about it darlin', it's not like a civic reception or a street parade where they are imposing themselves upon us. They will be safely out of view of the general public...discreetly patting each other on the back and saying how good a job he did and he was a bit unlucky. They will never get it. No matter how much you jump up and down and scream blue murder, they are so out of touch at how disgusted we are, they would think you are cheering FOR them. Ignore them and maybe the silence will resonate louder than a political protest could. Or just leave your placards out the front of the racecourse with a note attached saying you had left due to lack of interest in the whole thing. [The Daily Examiner online]

By yambaman from Yamba on 26/1/2012 at 8:37AM
Well I usually support the conservative side of politics but a "tribute" dinner for a confirmed liar turns my stomach! Have these faceless politicians no shame, would any self-respecting citizen really attend? I'd expect it from the ALP (aka Craig Thomsen) but from the Nats, who'll I vote for next? [ibid]

By swingingvoter from Palmers Channel on 26/1/2012 at 12:47PM
Could someone from Chris Gulaptis' office advise if his staff are involved in organising this dinner during the hours they are being paid to perform duties for the citizens of Clarence and NSW? Are people paying their $50 during office hours? If so, what other citizens are entitled to use his office in this manner?
Will this MP sign a Statutary Declaration to say his office and staff are not being used in this manner........sorry, I forgot, Stat. Decs. are just playthings these days.

By MurrayLees from Murwillumbah on 24/1/2012 at 6:37AM
Two words for John Robertson and Labor: Craig Thompson [ibid]

By UrsulaTunks from Grafton on 24/1/2012 at 8:46AM
Murray Lees you goose this isn't ABOUT POLITICS ! This is about integrity! Are you the same campaign manager who was telling anyone who'd listen during the by election that Cansdell would have a conviction not recorded against him & be the next Federal National Party candidate for the electorate of Page? Have you already negotiated the outcome with the Police? How could you know that before anyone else in the community ? Are you the same National Party member who has been belittling my friend Kath Palmer & her bravery for coming forward? The same Murray Lees who appears to be two or three decades behind the rest of Australia when it comes to the treatment of whistleblowers? THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS - you can't put spin on it based on party politics. If anyone in any party breaks the law the law deals with their transgression - NOT the party spin doctor! & while you're at it tell you're mates to stop defaming me - YES I supported Kath in her submission to ICAC & I would again tomorrow for anyone who needed that support to act lawfully - regardless of who the alleged offender was! And Murray that includes you - if you ever needed my help to do the right thing I'd be here to support you if you . Remember Murray it's an offence under the ICAC legislation to know of an offence committed by a public official and NOT report. So Kath and any others who've come forward over this period are doing what is required of them by law. [ibid]

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