Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's a new year and time to go to war agin wimmin

Grab your guns boys – it’s time to hunt the sheilas according to A Voice For Men:

“We’re going to have to shift to a war mentality….If you’re new to the Men’s Rights Movement, or you’re a feminist, or just stupid, you might need a bit of background to appreciate the need for this article’s content. A summarized background is provided for you here. This is a war waged against human rights, and those of us who identify as MRAs are a tiny minority fighting an establish mainstream. The past and present attempts to personally smear and destroy individual men seen so far are just the beginning of a fight that we should expect to get ugly. While we must and do continue to adhere to strictly truthful rhetoric and ethical tactics, our opponents don’t, and we should not expect them to. There’s money to be made is denigrating masculinity, and we directly threaten the income of war profiteers.”

“It appears now that 2011 was just a warm up for 2012.
Over the next several days you will find a series of articles on this website regarding an assault on human rights that will sweep the Australian continent. The scope of a planned campaign by the Australian government (The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021) is so far reaching that presenting it without overwhelming readers has been a significant challenge for myself, Kyle Lovett and John the Other. The sheer volume of the content, as well as the staggering loss of civil rights that Australian men are about to suffer is formidable…..
These machinations have now reached the stage of action, and are about to be implemented. They involve, but are by no means limited, to the following:
  • The systemic enabling and promotion of child abuse by mothers and other women.
  • The Australian government suppression of research that implicates women as child abusers.
  • The legal redefinition of domestic violence to include acts such as making purchases without consulting your wife, not listening to your wife or even disciplining your dog.
  • The legal redefinition of domestic violence to exclude male victims from that legal definition.
  • Arresting and holding men in prison, without bail, on the accusation alone of domestic violence.
  • Summarily evicting men from their homes while forcing them to maintain financial responsibility for those homes on nothing more than an accusation from their wives or girlfriends.
  • Shifting the burden of proof on domestic violence from the state to the defendant. The accused will be forced to prove he did not commit an act of violence.
  • The legal redefinition of rape, and subsequent shift of the burden of proof onto a defendant to prove the he obtained specific kinds of verbal consent for sex.”
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