Wednesday, 4 January 2012

"Moggy Musings" [Archived material by Boy the Wonder Cat]

A rumoured whiff of corruption musing: Which Clarence Valley local currently housed at Her Majesty's pleasure is allegedly having his government-subsidised NCCHC social housing held indefinitely for him because he has family connections in the Commonwealth welfare bureaucracy?

A Clarence by-election musing: One young puss who sometimes calls round to flirt with me says her owner thinks his choice on 19th November isn't a matter of Nats or Labor, but rather one of Greens or Labor - Labor or Greens. Wonder how many other voters are giving the Nats a miss?

An economic credibility musing: Word around the catnip patch is that a certain politically incorrect local wag is asking "If the Greeks are such bad economic managers, why would we vote for one in Clarence?"

A still chortling musing: Word is that former Nats MP Steve Cansdell is handing out business cards with the motto Get elected, stay elected.

An it's only a rumour, but... musing: My little canine friend Veronica Lake swears her hoomins heard that when the then NSW Nats MP for Clarence refused an elector's request, to assist someone currently serving a gaol sentence, he said it was because the person involved was a "crook". Ronnie wants to know what could a disgraced former MP (who admitted to signing a false statutory declaration) possibly know about crookedness? ROFLOL!

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