Sunday, 1 January 2012

New peril ahead for Gillard and Abbott in 2012?

A bloke called Chris McCracken from Parkes in New South Wales has registered JULIAR.ORG until 25th February 2012, but mightn’t renew his right to this domain name since he hasn’t posted a thing on the home webpage after what seems to have been his Day One on 3rd March last year and it
looks pretty well unsellable.
Do a Google search and you still bring up over a quarter of a million mentions of the term juLIAR a rather juvenile attempt to insult the Aussie Prime Minister. Of course that number’s complicated by the fact that Juliar is a legitimate surname for quite a few people with an internet presence.
But if Julia Gillard thought 2012 might begin to see that pejorative term quietly disappear she may have to think again, because once the .xxx adult content domains went on sale in December 2011 the existence of an as yet unregistered  came to light.
As well as the fact that has been purchased by an unknown individual.
Then again, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott may have snapped up .com and, but is still for sale. So the bottom feeders can really go for it and we may see both senior pollies become reluctant p0rn 'hosts' before Federal Parliament begins the new year.

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