Sunday, 15 January 2012

Turtles stranded on NSW north coast beaches

Forty dead or dying turtles stranded themselves on beaches between Tweed Heads and Ballina during November-December 2011. Australian Seabird Rescue's Kathrina Southwell said they were mostly "critically endangered" hawksbill turtles, and the amount was normally representative of a year's strandings. (Colin Gilmour, Tweed Daily News)

TDN's editor, Ron Goodman, added:
The loss of 40 turtles might not be an environmental disaster but it cannot be a sign that all is well and it should prompt some action from the State and Federal Governments to ensure that anything that can be done to protect them is being done.
The human and economic impacts of the flood disasters of 12 months ago are well known but it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are other environmental effects that could take years to see the ultimate outcome of.
It is beholden on us to keep watch, and to act where necessary.

Read TDN's report  here.

Source: TDN, 14/1/12

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