Friday, 27 January 2012

U.S. Pesidential Election 2012: middle-aged wealthy farts show they have enough money to race

In 2010 Barack and Michelle earned US$1.7 million, Newt and Callista earned US$3.1 million and Mitt and his mittette Ann earned US$21.6 million. With effective tax rates of 26%, 31.6% and 13.9% in the order of mention.

The Washington Post
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those dollar signs

This week the Los Angeles Times told the world that; "the Romneys expect to pay $3.2 million on $20.9 million in income for the 2011 tax year, for an effective tax rate of 15.4%".
No wonder Mitt didn't want to show and tell!

And here's the 2011 IRS tax rates for ordinary Americans.......

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