Sunday, 8 January 2012

Watching the watchers watching NSW North Coast concerned citizen groups

It would appear that the Australian Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon (like her predecessor) is rather interested in protests which may be occurring around Australia.

Of course that also means that from time to time she is interested in concerned citizens living on the NSW North Coast.

Particularly those who organize and/or attend community meetings, rallies, protest events concerning water and food security - eg. keeping the Clarence River system undiverted and unpolluted, stopping hazardous mining in the upper reaches of the Nymboida River, protecting agricultural land from the negative impacts of coal seam gas mining, saving remnant rainforest and koala habitat from being destoyed by urban or industrial development.

Her department has employed a private surveillance company National Open Source Intelligence G  aka Global Edge Group Pty Ltd or National Open Source Intelligence Centre since 2007 and its current contract (worth est. $16,500 annually) is in effect until 20 June 2012.

This Victorian-based group, allegedly jointly owned by Jody and Amanda Lambden, specializes in the provision of protective security intelligence and actively monitors the Internet, television, radio and print media for its clients. In the case of the Attorney-General’s Department it will supply protest alerts.

Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson, who requested the additional surveillance, has been prompted by energy company lobbying to urge stronger criminal penalties against protests that disrupt critical energy

On its Australian website it states:

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