Saturday, 2 June 2012

Political Quotes of the Week

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for North Sydney does not have the call. The member for North Sydney, it is not for the opposition or the government to accept a member's vote. We need to clarify this: it is for the parliament to accept a member's vote. The member for North Sydney.” {Hansard on 30th May 2012}

"PopThirdWorld @popthirdworld                                                  30 May
Abbott fleeing from Craig Thomson in Parliament is disgraceful. Whether or not Thomson has girl germs is for the courts to decide. #auspol"

3.21pm: Question Time is finally over.
Now it's time for the recriminations.
Lots of personal explanations this afternoon.
The angry juice is draining slowly from the chamber.
Acting Speaker Anna Burke needs a cup of tea.
Can someone take care of that? And a biscuit.
3.20pm: Later Chris."

"WHOLE families lie slaughtered in Syria, rape and pillage continues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.5 million have died, the world averting its face since a war began in 1998, millions are suddenly unemployed in Europe, manufacturing jobs are collapsing in Australia … and what has us riveted in our Federal Parliament?
The Leader of the Opposition and his colleagues all but fall over themselves in a risible rush to escape voting in the House of Representatives.
Was there an Australian who could still bear to watch what passes for the national political debate who did not throw up their hands in despair at the televised revelation of this unprecedented spectacle?"  {The Sydney Morning Herald on 31th May 2012}

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