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Grafton Gaol and Cansdellgate - on the same agenda

In a timely reminder for readers of The Daily Examiner a Lower Clarence resident has asked in a letter to the editor:

What action has this (O"Farrell) Government (in NSW) taken on the previous member (Steve Cansdell) on his action regarding his speeding fine?

The writer added, "It appears that members of parliament are immune to action being taken against them, no matter what the offence. What a disgraceful lot we have governing us at the moment."

Here's the complete text of Charles Lincoln of Gulmarrad's letter to the Examiner.

National Party 'stooges' failing to deliver

Regretfully, I have to put pen to paper and place my objections to the manner in which this present State Government is neglecting, wrecking and displaying complete disregard for the voters of this area, the Clarence Valley.

We have a Coalition Government which is only interested in looking after its voting power base, ie, Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong, and having a complete disregard for its National Party constituents in this area.

We have a National Party representative who is completely out of his depth and is failing his constituents badly.

First it was the loss of Telstra jobs; then the closure of the meatworks at South Grafton; and now it is the loss of 92 jobs at the Grafton Jail.

What this Government is doing by its actions is propping up its swinging seats down Kempsey and Cessnock way at the expense of the Clarence Valley.

The National Party representatives are only "Liberal Party lackeys or stooges", and the voters of this area cannot see past the end of their noses, as they continue to elect them - and for what reasons?

Failure to deliver, inexperience in government, and engaging in nepotistic practices seems to be the norm.

No thought has been given to the jail workers who reside down here on the Lower River, who have bought houses, have their children attending local schools and are set up trying to exist with mortgages over their heads.

And now they may have to relocate, take their children out of their existing schools and make a new start at another school.

In many cases, this may be a retrograde step and cause a child to fall back a couple of years with his/her education.

What a miserable lot this incumbent government is.

Their only concern is a "grab for money to build up their own egos".

And while I am writing in this vein, may I ask: what action has this Government taken on the previous member on his action regarding his speeding fine?

It appears that members of parliament are immune to action being taken against them, no matter what the offence.

What a disgraceful lot we have governing us at the moment.

And National Party voters have the hide to claim that the previous Labor Government stank.

But be reminded, this lot have only just started, and the stench is starting to emanate from the Queensland border nearly down to Sydney.

Many people were dissatisfied with the previous Labor government after 15 years on the treasury benches and said that they had to go.

They possessed one outstanding quality and that was they showed empathy and compassion for the average person.

But this lot is only interested lining their own pockets and supporting those with vested interests who can donate to their party and provide a secure board job for them after they have retired from politics.

Charles Lincoln, Gulmarrad

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