Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bazza O’Farrell and CSG miners out of control

7 News 23rd November 2012:
“Residents of Sydney's southwest who thought they were safe from coal seam gas exploration are in for a rude shock.
7News can reveal gas company AGL is planning to drive new wells sideways under their homes.
Campbelltown seems like an unlikely place for mining, but under homes there is gas.
If it's approved, new rigs will burrow sideways to seek and extract.”
Apparently 66 wells are planned between Campbelltown and Liverpool and of course these will be changing rock integrity and water tables under houses. Does nobody remember the problems mining caused in the Newcastle area? Or how hard it is for homeowners to get compensation when things go wrong?
And it’s not ancient history.
This began last August:
Now when miners first dug under or close to houses none of them ever thought there would be a problem – after all conventional underground coal mining had been going on for hundreds of years – but there was.
So why on earth is Bazza and his fatherless cronies even considering allowing unconventional coal seam gas mining under NSW homes?

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