Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Coal Seam Gas: A David & Goliath confrontation for Northern Rivers communities

Much has been written about plans to establish coal seam gas production wells on the NSW North Coast.
One mining corporation exploring for gas in the Northern Rivers, Metgasco Limited, has recently been offered a production licence for its Casino project.
So how big is Metgasco and how small are the individual land owners who are likely to feel the impact of these coal seam gas wells?
Well, one could look at the estimated size of Metgasco's gas reserves or total value of shares issued and compare this with the property value of someone living next door or near to one of its drilling wells.
However, visual images often tell the story better than words…….
Home belonging to a Metgasco director and shareholder:
Home in general vicinity of Metgasco’s exploration site at Glenugie:

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Anonymous said...

Reuters says the Metgasco director owning that swanky residence takes home an annual salary package worth over $600,000.