Monday, 14 January 2013

Metgasco continues its plans to abandon test wells after drilling is completed

Metgasco inspires a lot of confidence when it openly speaks of abandoning the Glenugie test well after attempting to seal its 800 metre length with a concrete pour.
There is no mention of any form of periodic monitoring of the integrity of this plug.

The 'rehabilitation' of such wells has been known to deteriorate over time in some instances and, I'm sure that this particular corporation will expect the community to monitor its old exploration sites and local government to pick up the tab for any necessary initial investigations in the future should problems occur.

By then the directors and major shareholders will have moved on to pastures new.
11 January 2013
Drilling announcement - Thornbill E04 spuds
Metgasco advises that the Thornbill E04 well was spudded with AJ Lucas Rig 103 last night. The current operation is drilling a surface hole and installing surface casing.
Thornbill E04 is a simple vertical well whose objective is to better define coal distribution in PEL 426. The total planned depth of the well is 800 metres. The well will be “plugged and abandoned” before the rig leaves the site and the site rehabilitated.
This well is the start of a work program that has been approved by the New South Wales Government. One of the short to medium term goals of this program is to provide competitively priced natural gas to local businesses.
Metgasco’s Managing Director, Mr Peter Henderson reaffirmed that: “Once we have completed drilling our exploration wells, we will drill some lateral wells to demonstrate the productivity of the coal seams, before drilling our conventional prospect, the Greater Mackellar structure.
Metgasco has a 100% interest in PEL 426.
Richard Shields
Metgasco Limited
Mobile: 0418 418 877

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