Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Northern Star hosting an ardent coal seam gas supporter or an industry plant?

Online mainstream media is perhaps one of the most immediate ways Northern Rivers residents have of voicing an opinion on local or regional issues.
However, this individual raises a question.
After 93 pro-CSG mining comments in 20 days under The Northern Star articles concerning Metgasco – is three_0 an unusually enthusiastic member of the public or a mining industry plant?
In a comment on a 19 January article three_0 appears to admit to being employed in CSG mining, but it is unclear in what capacity he/she is employed.
This individual is also very supportive of Metgasco Limited generally and of its CEO, Peter Henderson:
* This as a lawful Australian company, employing Australians, supporting local contractors/companies and contributing to the local economy.
* You never see a CEO at such grass roots level personally providing factual information about the industry to interested locals. My hat goes off to you Pete.
Surely even Metgasgo wouldn’t be so manipulative as to encourage it own company directors/management/staff to protect its interests online without having them also declare a specific pecuniary interest in the debate?
Here is three_0’s history between 5-24 January 2013 found at

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