Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Playing regional politics results in false savings

The Daily Examiner 20  February 2013:
THE Clarence Valley Council has chosen to opt out of Northern Rivers Regional Organisation of Councils (NOROC) with Mayor Richie Williamson saying membership does not represent bang for our buck.
The motion was eventually passed unanimously at last night's ordinary meeting but Cr Jason Kingsley did question whether the Valley would benefit from having allies.
"I would assume councils would be looked upon more favourably if they were part of an alliance rather than just shag on a rock," Cr Kingsley said.
But Cr Williamson was clearly steeled in his resolve; the Valley did not need NOROC.

Letter to the Editor in the same newspaper 23 February 2013:
Please explain
Clarence Valley Council is saving $20,000 by withdrawing from the Northern Rivers Regional Organisation of Councils. According to Mayor Williamson, Clarence Valley Council is not getting enough "bang for our buck" through membership.
Was it just coincidence that the council has voted to spend the same sum - $20,000 - on planting and decorating nine Christmas trees? Does this decision give us "bang for our buck"?
Spending $20,000 on Christmas trees is a gross waste of money. NOROC membership offered better value.
Leonie Blain
Online comment 21 February 2013:
Would it be too cynical to suggest that Nationals stalwart Mayor Williamson may be demonising other Far North Coast councils in order to further the NSW Coalition Government's preference for a super council centred in Coffs Harbour and including the Clarence Valley?
EmmaB from Yamba

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