Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sadly, some things never change

Letter to the Editor,
The Daily Examiner,

This is a letter that asks a stark, grim question and is addressed, in part, to whoever left two little kittens on the street on New Year's Eve. Why did you dump two little kittens, just putting them in a box and leaving them in the street, not caring if they had shelter or food? There's a skinny dog that prowls by the garbage bins and around the park seats and if he finds a bone or a crust he is having a lucky day. If you are worthy to own a dog, it is your decent duty to feed him and give him the best you can.

Mrs D Rowlands,

Source: The Daily Examiner, 6/2/1963
(reprinted in " Backward Glances: From The Daily Examiner, Fifty Years Ago",
compiled by Chris Nield, 6/2/2013)

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