Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Libs in action when last in federal government

If you didn't sound like the average Lib then twas off to jail for you.
“It was understandable authorities would think mentally ill Australian woman Cornelia Rau was an unlawful citizen, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said today.
Ms Rau, a 39-year-old permanent resident who came to Australia when she was a baby, was released from Baxter immigration detention centre in South Australia on Friday.
She had spent six months in a Queensland jail before being sent to the centre, where she spent four months after telling authorities she was a German woman named Anna Schmidt.
That was despite the former Qantas flight attendant being listed as missing in August last year.
The federal government announced it would investigate the incident, but Ms Vanstone today said it was "a pretty fair understanding" authorities would believe she maybe an unlawful citizen.--
(she) spoke German, said she was German"
{Sydney Morning Herald 7th February 2005}


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