Sunday, 3 March 2013

The mindboggling Arthur Sidonis

This was in Granny Herald on 27th February 2013:
What Granny did not say is that this company was paying out to the Libs on behalf of all in the group, including – wait for it – Gasfields Water Management Pty Ltd from the sunny Queensland coal seam gas mob.
Now didn’t that little company which is 75% owned by Australian Water Holdings just get $3 million worth of dishonourable mention in a NSW ICAC hearing?
And what's with this pathetic entry in his declaration of interests that was well shy of the nine new entries he had to insert by 28th February 2013 when his original 25th November 2011 statement of registrable interests became, er, interesting to one particular journo.

Or this, which conveniently omits around $3,750,000 worth of shares held for him by Nick Di Girolamo under a under “gentleman’s agreement”Di Girolamo  is yet another person ICAC invited to its little please explain party.

Forgetful doesn't cut it as an excuse Uncle Arthur and being Tony Abbott's parliamentary secretary won't save you in the court of public opinion when it takes a good look at what you told the Senate were "oversights". 

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Peter L.Smith said...

You show me 1 crooked Liberal politicians AND I'LL SHOW YOU 10 CROOKED LABOUR POLITICIANS !