Saturday, 4 May 2013

A blast from the past

Does the name Neville Newell ring a bell? The letters editor of The Sydney Morning Herald awarded top marks to Newell's contribution and gave it the pole position.

Windsor's dignity turned on the light

So it appears that now a National Disability Insurance Scheme levy will have bipartisan parliamentary support (''Green light for the NDIS as Abbott comes to the party'', May 3). Good news indeed. Good news coverage for this positive move from the Opposition just 24 hours after Tony Abbot's expressed indifference and Joe Hockey's hostility.Why not any credit for the person whose words shook the perennial negatives from the Opposition ? Not undoubtedly because they were about to be rendered irrelevant by the Independents surely. Thanks, Tony Windsor MP, your speaking up frightened some ''humanity'' into our federal opposition.

Neville Newell Brunswick Heads

Source: SMH, 4/05/2013

Pic credit: Parliament of NSW

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