Monday, 29 July 2013

Jay Inslee’s new BFF in Australia

Over the last couple of weeks Clarrie Rivers has been on the receiving end of emails emanating from the U.S. To be precise, the emails have come from a bloke named Jay Inslee. 

Who's Jay Inslee?

Inslee, or Jay Robert Inslee to give him his full handle, is the Governor of the State of Washington.

As readers will well imagine, Clarrie is absolutely over the moon to have been chosen by Inslee to be his BFF in Down Under.

Ok, so readers want to know what gems the emails contained. Here are a couple of samples:

I'm happy to report that Sunday I was able to sign a new operating budget for the state of Washington and avert a partial government shutdown.
It is unfortunate it took this long to reach a budget agreement, but I am pleased that we delivered on many of the key principles you and I fought for during my campaign. ... 
But today I want to thank you again for standing by us, making your voice heard, and keeping up the fight for the working Washington we're building together.
We're going to need you again in the weeks and months to come, and I'm proud to have you by my side.
Let's go get 'em.
Very truly yours,
Jay Inslee

 This year's legislative session proved one important point: the Working Washington Agenda that we brought to Olympia is very different than that of the Republican controlled state Senate.
 With your support we said, "no" to continued cuts to our most vulnerable citizens. And, together we said, "no" to policy that would have hurt working families and our environment. ...
 Having you standing with me made that possible. ...
Your support today will give us the resources we need to get things done. Thank you for your tremendous support every day. Together we can accomplish hard things.
Very truly yours,
Jay Inslee

(emphasis added)

Now, here's the rub ... First, Inslee asked Clarrie to spread the word on him using Facebook. And, if that wasn't enough, he also asked Clarrie for a donation. Inslee was even thoughtful enough to provide a link to enable the donation to readily flow his way.

Readers, eat your hearts out! Clarrie is quite chuffed!

Credit: Images from Google Images

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