Friday, 26 July 2013

Julia Gillard is parked in cyberspace

It will be interesting to see if the ALP National Secretariat makes use of this website which is only parked at present.

Given that contact person Ben Hubbard was Prime Minister Gillard’s chief of staff, I’m presuming the site was set up before Kevin Rudd ousted her as Leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party.

Domain Name:           
Last Modified:                   10-Jul-2013 05:01:30 UTC
Registrar ID:                    TPP Wholesale
Registrar Name:                  TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd
Status:                          ok

Registrant ID:                   ABN 38318251221
Eligibility Type:                Company

Registrant Contact ID:           HUBE1133
Registrant Contact Name:         Ben Hubbard
Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs

Tech Contact ID:                 Z137291134365356
Tech Contact Name:               Brett Collett
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs

Name Server:           
Name Server IP:        
Name Server:           
Name Server IP:        

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