Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott & Co alienate yet another sovereign nation on Australia's doorstep


Rudd accuses Abbott of lying about the PNG asylum deal


ABC NEWS 24 July 2013:

Mr O'Neill has accused the Opposition of misrepresenting a private briefing he gave them last week about the deal for political gain.
"I don't particularly appreciate being misrepresented by others for their own political interests," he told the ABC.
"I am disappointed with some of the debates put forward by some of the leaders in the Opposition in Australia, in particular statements I am alleged to have made to them.
"They are completely untrue."
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has suggested the foreign aid money would not be spent responsibly and with accountability.
Mr O'Neill is calling on the Opposition to show more respect in its dealings with his government.
"We are not going to put up with this kind of nonsense," he said.
"We are helping resolving an Australian issue. Try and be respectful when we start talking about these issues."
Mr O'Neill says many of the projects involving Australian aid will also be partially funded by the PNG government.
"So I don't see why we should be dragged into a debate that is now taking a new twist to represent individual interest and political interest in Australia," he said.

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