Monday, 26 August 2013

Australian Federal Election 2013: Where's Tony Abbott's third daughter?

This is Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on the campaign trail with two of his daughters.

The third daughter, Louise, (pictured left) is rarely seen this time around and word is that it is more than living overseas that sees her avoiding ‘Dad’ while he is frenetically romancing voters.

Rumour has it that she is busy this year progressing the policies/aims of the current Australian Labor Government and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Sen. Bob Carr, as an Executive Assistant with the Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Not something the Abbott team might want to admit perhaps?
Australia, UPR Report of Netherlands, 13th Universal Periodic Review (video)
Statement on fissile material by Ms Louise Abbott, 12 March 2013


Unable to resist placing his own political priorities above his daughter Louise, Tony Abbott has obviously leaked to the media that Louise is returning to Australia for the last week of his election campaign
Whether he wins or loses, her diplomatic career will always be suspect from this point onwards.

The Herald Sun 30 August 2013:

SHE'S been a notable absentee from the campaign trail but in a Father's Day gift, Tony Abbott's eldest daughter is coming home.
Louise Abbott, 24, is due to fly in from Switzerland on Sunday and will be her father's strongest behind the scenes supporter.....
Ms Abbott was constantly by her father's side during the 2010 campaign but is cautious about being involved in political events as she forges a diplomatic career....


Louise Abbott barely back on Australian soil and her father begins to use her in his election campaign via Twitter:

@abbott_frances: @TonyAbbottMHR look who's here!” Welcome home Louise!


sue said...

Is Louise 1 of those 20000 extra public servants that got her job since ALP elected? As Joe says "do we really need an extra 20000?"
Will she be 1 of the 12000 public servants that will lose her job through natural attrition?

Should the questions be put to Tony?

Could Chris Uhlmann, David Speers ask them?

Anonymous said...

I wondered what Louise was doing.

Good to see she is an attractive, intelligent lass capable of representing Australia.

Anonymous said...

"attractive", really? Her looks are not relevant here.

Anonymous said...

What does her appearance have anything to do with her abilities? And she is not a lass, she is a WOMAN.

John said...

5000 of those publis service job are part time reserve postions
some were in the regular army as well

Anonymous said...

that she is working For DFAT and Bob Carr would not be something Abbott would like out there Heavens She may even say something nice about the Government

Anonymous said...

Not a public servant, more likely a locally engaged expat. It is not a political role.

Slippery Jim said...

there is nothing wrong with calling a female a lass, it is not a derogatory term nor is it insulting, nor is it wrong to compliment a female or a male on their looks. FFS some people! Is Penny Wong posting here?

Anonymous said...

That's right, Jim, you hunk of a lad, you... ;)

Anonymous said...

'Not a public servant'?
Think you'll find DFAT does all the hiring, firing & wage paying.

Anonymous said...

Am intrigued by this appointment in light of Frances' gig @ Whitehouse.

Been putting together a time-line (multiple sources) to see how she the job application/ interview/ engagement as a LES unfolded.

She seems to have been employed on 14 September 2012 - Job advertised on Geneva's UN site on 4 July 2012.

How come she delivered the Netherland's address on 31 May 2012 - 4 months before she was appointed!!!!????