Sunday, 25 August 2013

Australian Federal Election 2013: the hypocrisy is galling

Have a good look at the woman on the right in the dark jacket in this photograph of the National Broadband Network (fibre directly to premises) and see Federal Liberal Party MP Louise Markus trying for some of the limelight associated with a national optic fibre digital network she intends to help cripple if re-elected as the Member for Macquarie.


Anonymous said...

I have done my best to collaborate with other tech minded people like myself in getting a site together to explain things:

It's more then a 5 minute read but it examines things quite in-depth. For the activists the economic and political pages will be of most interest to you.

Please get the word out any way you can, the NBN as it stands effects every facet of society if brought to realization.

sue said...

That hypocrisy is standard for the Coalition. They made sure they were at the opening of all those school improvements, be they halls, science labs,libraries & in the same breath label the spending as WASTE.