Friday, 2 August 2013

Desmond John Thomas Euen wants a sea port

Readers may have noticed that rumours have resurfaced about the Port of Yamba being targeted as a coal terminal at the end of a west-east rail line linking north-western NSW with the coast.

This plan was first mooted by some of the people involved in unsuccessful lobbying to dam and divert water from the Clarence River catchment system for the benefit of irrigators and mining corporations in the Murray Darling Basin and, at the time was estimated to cost at least $3.5 billion to achieve.

Though the latest manifestation of these rumours owes little to Mal Peters & Co and more to an ‘entrepreneur’ from Booval in Queensland.

According to ASIC documents Desmond John Thomas Euen is the only director, shareholder and company secretary in a $1-1 share company registered in New South Wales on 31 August 2012, Australian Infrastructure Developments Pty Ltd, and elsewhere he has variously described himself as the company’s Managing Director and Executive Director.

Mr. Euen also has a website which appears to be locked or parked:

Domain Name:           
Registrar ID:                    WAR
Registrar Name:                  Web Address Registration
Status:                          ok

Registrant:                      LYNX BUSINESS SERVICES PTY LTD

Registrant ID:                   ABN 56146166574
Eligibility Type:                Company

Registrant Contact ID:           R-006499331-SN
Registrant Contact Name:  
       Des Euen

Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs

Tech Contact ID:                 C-001573771-SN
Tech Contact Name:               Des Euen
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs

Name Server:           
Name Server:           

On doing a Google search of the second company which appears to be associated with Desmond Euen, I found this:

It appears to be Mr. Euen’s current goal in life to turn a small working port, on which the local fishing and tourism industries also heavily rely, into a generic freight hub at the end of a phantom west-east rail line and, in the process destroy a significant Yaegl cultural and spiritual site, Dirrangun reef.

He rather arrogantly asserted to one journalist that; the local indigenous population would be handsomely compensated and provided with jobs.

Dirrungun reef and the Clarence River below Harwood Bridge fall within two registered native title claims by the Yaegl people of the Clarence Valley.

Desmond Euen has created a power point presentation to support his grandiose plan but has not yet submitted a proposal to the O’Farrell Government.

He appears to be having trouble getting a hearing from relevant federal and state ministers. Indeed, to date the only ‘meeting’ he seems to have achieved has been a very short one with a senior staffer from the NSW Roads and Ports Minister’s office and it resulted in this statement:

“A proposal of this nature is highly unlikely in the current market environment and the government has no plans for the Port of Yamba”

The ever hopeful Mr. Euen has approached at least one local newspaper and, The Daily Examiner reported on 1 August 2013:

By 2 August Mr. Euen had reportedly become insistent "I'll tell you this; the Yamba Port is going to be developed in exactly the way I'm saying it will," Mr Euen said. "And it's got nothing to do with coal" and Clarence Valley Mayor Richie Williamson was showing his usual fence sitting skills when it comes to Lower Clarence issues "We would welcome responsible and sustainable development and jobs in the Clarence Valley….And any proposal that reflects that should be given due consideration on its merit."

If Clarence Valley Council management or its executive has given Mr. Euen any form of encouragement they have seriously misjudged the aspirations and priorities of the Yamba community.


Anonymous said...

Desmond Euen and ASIC -$file/09-14AD.pdf


I emailed the company and asked him this, re his message to Traditional Owners and use of a Land rights flag as the David Liddiard logo:
"I understand from my Aboriginal friends that David Liddiard is not a Traditional Owner from the region you are discussing, he is from Western NSW. Why have you got his logo and the Aboriginal Land Rights flag on your advertising. Isn't this insensitive and purposely misleading?"

and he answered with this: Australian Infrastructure Developments

Today at 6:54 PM
"If you have something constructive to say I will take it on board and listen. What you are suggesting is garbage. I come from the Gold Coast that does mean I can’t help those in the next state. Get a life woman."

Desmond J T Euen
Managing Director

Anonymous said...

If this port development happened.In the future what's to stop it becoming a coal, CSG exit port and a entry port for spent Uranium fuel to Australia?
Is this the beginning of a slippery slope? A back door for CSG wells and Coal mines to be justified by politician's and greedy corporates in our area? A Sea port is a business they will ship anything that makes profit for their owners & share holders.
As to jobs, what percentage of actual locals or even Australian's would be actually employed ? To maximise profits, most employed would be foreign workers hired under foreign contracts, it's cheaper, it's makes business sense, it makes more profit! Its how its done.
Pollution will happen. Its costs less for a company to pay inadequate fines than it is to do the right thing and not pollute, more profit "is just good business". Its just a matter of time and how much of a Disaster it will be. Bulk Tankers,Bulk Container Ships moving or being moved will cause wave erosion,damage to fish/crab nurseries,fishing etc.
The Clarence is tidal therefor any pollution will be carried upstream. Toxins and the Invasive species in ballast water? Even pumped into holding ponds or tanks what happens when the floods come? Containment ponds,tanks are no match for Our Mighty Clarence!