Saturday, 17 August 2013

How America sees Australia's Federal Election Campaign 2013 *WARNING: Laughter Alert*

A penis in a glass of red wine, awkward kisses and a political candidate who thought Islam was a country - what's not to marvel at?
America's The Daily Show poked fun at the brevity of Australia's election campaign, with its host in awe of how much political scandal could be packed into four weeks.
The political comedy show, currently hosted by British comedian John Oliver while host Jon Stewart is on leave, did a segment on "DOWN-UNDERcision 2013".
Oliver appeared gobsmacked by the rich buffet of gaffes already publicly aired during the campaign before going on to say that Australia had its own versions of American politicians Rick Perry, Anthony Weiner and Sarah Palin.
He started with footage of the cringeworthy interview with Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz, who was not able to name his party's six-point plan to stop the boats.
He contrasted this incident with a Republican presidential debate in 2011 when Texas governor Rick Perry was unable to name one of three agencies he was planning to axe.
Oliver drew parallels with New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who has been embroiled in sexting scandals, and disgraced [Liberal National Party] Queensland minister Peter Dowling, who sent pictures of his penis in a glass of red wine to his mistress.
"It's almost impossible to get red wine stains out of a penis," Oliver said. "He is going to have to soak that thing in club soda for hours."
He also took issue with the choice of wine.
"You do not pair a penis with red wine. Try something lighter, crisper to offset the nuttier notes of the penis."
But his favourite talent was former One Nation candidate Stephanie Bannister.
"So, in just four weeks, Australia already has a Rick Perry and an Anthony Weiner ... of course the real test is, does it have an under-informed, right-wing woman thrust into a national political spotlight she's not only unprepared for but at times seems to barely comprehend?" Oliver asks.
He then calls Ms Bannister "a turbo-Palin", referring to the controversial Republican vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 US elections.
Ms Bannister was an anti-immigration candidate vying for the Brisbane seat of Rankin. She mistook Islam for a country and confused "haram" - a word that refers to acts forbidden by God - with the Koran during a television interview that attracted worldwide attention.
"I don't oppose Islam as a country, umm, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia," Ms Banister said in the one-on-one interview with Channel Seven in her Queensland backyard.
More laughs were had when Oliver played footage of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott misplacing a kiss on the back of a mother's head, instead of her baby.
"Yes, that's a creepy moment, but is it any creepier than a stranger pressing his lips on the head of a non-consenting baby?" Oliver asked.

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