Friday, 2 August 2013

NSW Nationals MP for Clarence 'Lazybones' Gulaptis and hollow crowing on Facebook and in the media

This was NSW National Party MP for Clarence Chris Gulaptis on his Facebook page on 18 July 2012:

Clarence Valley Regional Airport will get a much-needed $2.12 million upgrade thanks to a generous loan subsidy from the NSW Government’s Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme.

What a pity that it not-so-innocently slipped his mind that the O’Farrell Government was only offering a NSW LIRS Round One 4 per cent subsidy of the market interest rate and that this involved Clarence Valley Council taking out a $1.06 million third party loan with the balance of the upgrade costs unmet as yet.

Full funding for the $2.12 million regional airport upgrade did not come about until a further $1.06 million came from the Federal Labor Government as a Round Four grant by the Regional Development Australia Fund announced on 12 June 2013 – almost a year later.

Not that much for Gulaptis to crow about there – most of the spade work appeared to have been done by Federal Labor MP for Page Janelle Saffin and Clarence Valley Council.

Chris Gulaptis was back using his favourite political ploy again in August 2013.

This time taking credit for a $3 million commercial loan that Richmond Valley Council is taking out to upgrade the Casino Regional Livestock Exchange.

The Northern Star 1 August 2013:

Member for Clarence, Chris Gulaptis, yesterday announced the council had been awarded a low-interest loan under the NSW Government's Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme at a fixed 3% interest.

Of course what is really happening is that the O'Farrell Government is granting a 3 per cent subsidy of the market interest rate on a third party loan as part of NSW LIRS Round Two.

And just as before, it is the Federal Labor Government which has provided a grant to improve cattle delivery and receival into the saleyards - this time for a total of $636,000  under the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program. Update: Plus a $3.5 million grant under the Federal Government's Round Five of the Regional Development Australia Fund announced on 6 August 2013.

Once more the heavy lifting appears to have been done by Ms. Saffin and Richmond Valley Council.

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