Saturday, 21 September 2013

A culture of political untruths continues within the NSW O'Farrell Government

ABC News 18 September 2013:

The New South Wales Family and Community Services Minister is facing fresh accusations that she misled parliament over caseworker numbers after the opposition obtained leaked departmental emails.
Pru Goward has repeatedly told the house that the Government has fully funded more than 2,000 caseworker positions, but the Opposition says it has obtained documents that show she was advised in June there was not enough money to pay for them.
They say the documents also show Ms Goward asked for a cabinet minute to be drafted in July requesting the extra money.
When asked about the matter in question time yesterday, Ms Goward refused to say whether asked for the cabinet minute to be prepared.
The Opposition's community services spokeswoman Linda Burney says it is unacceptable.
"The meeting took place in June and Minister Goward went on to claim in August and September, on ten occasions, that the positions were funded," she said.
"You cannot claim on ten occasions something that you know to be patently untrue."...

* Photograph from The Sydney Morning Herald

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