Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Abbott's immigration policies come under United Nations scrutiny this week

ABC News 17 September 2013:

The incoming Federal Government's immigration policies are being brought before a United Nations Human Rights council meeting in Geneva, possibly as soon as tonight.
The council is meeting this week and an item has been included in the general debate agenda which will openly condemn the new Government's plans.
A representative from Australia's Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) will read a statement to the body, calling for it to hold Australia to account for what it calls violations of the Refugee Convention and other treaties.
The statement will accuse Australia of setting an "alarming global precedent" if it does use the Navy to return asylum seeker boats to their country of origin without proper assessment.
"Australia has also promised a strong military response," the statement reads.
"It has announced plans to issue orders to the Australian Navy to tow boats carrying asylum seekers back to their origin without proper assessment of the protection needs of those on board."
The HRLC's director of legal advocacy, Daniel Webb, says indefinite and offshore detention, plans to abolish appeal rights, and the withdrawal of legal assistance to some asylum seekers will also be highlighted as breaches of international law......

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