Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dear 'Kevin Hogan For Page' - GO AWAAAAAY!

As the Nationals shift focus onto and election campaign money into the Page electorate, locals have not reacted favourably.

This selection of  voter comments concerning the advertising blitz appeared on their candidate, Kevin Hogan's, Facebook site.

Carly Woodstock With respect Kevin, may I ask how much was spent on your campaign and advertising? I'm sure that you are a great bloke - but in all honesty I really find it all a 'bit much'. I for one am finding it visually off putting seeing those signs and billboard banners plastered everywhere throughout our beautiful region...reminds me of Chairman Mao in the sense of it being quite suffocating. Best wishes, but as an upcoming voter - I would like to know the true cost $$$of your campaign.

Heidi Jones I totally agree Carly - what a waste of money and resources. They are everywhere - on the corner, in the shopfronts, on the telegraph poles, in windows - it is a visual assault!!

Tina Vitolins They are even leaking out down here in Grafton area too very much an eyesore and the amount of junk mail from you is horrendous lucky we can recycle !

Elena Nieuwenhof can you please stop sending me like 200000000000 letters in the mail every week it getting really annoying and its not helping the environment nor is it persuading me to vote for you ~*bye*~

David Hutton Yeah fuck off you moron

Bonnie Martin Dear Kevin Bogan, today I received yet another letter in the mail from you, making all these ridiculous claims about saving households money and miraculously lowering interest rates. And yet under a Labor government we have the lowest interest rates I can remember. You say the Carbon Tax increases pressures on households... What about the GST. I'd rather a tax on destroying the environment over a tax on living.
If your wasteful spending on this election campaign is anything to go by I would not call you a good money manager. Everywhere I go in Lismore I see your angry face leering out, billboards, on the side of buses, on cars and shop fronts. You have 3 ads on TV. I hope the tax payer isn't footing this bill 

Sonia Makings So today there were two girls that were in school uniform doing letter box drops in our street. Well I can assure you that not a lot if any were actually put IN letter boxes as there was a bundle of at least 45 dropped two houses away from ours. They were blowing down the street after they were dropped and myself and my two girls had to pick them all up. Not real happy at all!

Josh McMahon ok i have liked you. now fix my problems. you can start with that leaky tap in the backyard. and the cat litter needs changing.

Mickey House I guess the opportunity has been missed but, where are the indigenous and ethic people in your campaign or commercials?

Do their families count?

Do their families' worries matter?

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