Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fred Nile's mob speak with forked tongues

Late yesterday (perhaps after dark) an assortment of junk mail was placed in letter boxes in the Lower Clarence area by persons working on behalf of Reverend Fred's lot. There was enough combustible material to start a bushfire.

However, two things about the junk (which was obviously left as a complete parcel of goodies) stirred things up.

1. The front of one piece of the junk advised voters to Vote 1 for Fred's candidate and then vote for your preferred prime minister. Turning the page over revealed what a pack of hypocrites the CDP are. There, the instructions for voters in the electorate of Page were to Vote 1 for one of Fred's flock and then vote 2 for the National Party candidate.

2. Accompanying Fred's junk was a flyer authorised by B Franklin of Level 8, 130 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000 which North Coast Voices yesterday described as the work of political cowards. What was that flyer from the State Director of the NSW National Party doing with the other junk Fred left? No prizes for guessing that one!

The fine print on the CDP rubbish says it's authorised by Ian Smith of 9 Exeter Rd Homebush West 2140. Clarrie will be forwarding the entire package to Mr Smith (via Australia Post) without stamps. 

Stick that up your jumper, Mr Smith!

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