Sunday, 15 September 2013

It was easy to see this one coming at Abbott a long way off

If the swing against the Coalition in Aboriginal communities was replicated across Australia, Tony Abbott would be leading a minor party, writes Chris Graham.
One of the features of a modern democracy is that apart from getting the government we deserve, we're also supposed to get the government that the majority of us want.
Like Communism, it's great in theory. But also like Communism, it's often not so good in practice. At least, it's not if you happen to be a minority group who has long been denied the right to elect your own leaders.
And that explains how Aboriginal Australians awoke on Sunday morning to find they had a new "Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs", a pledge Tony Abbott delivered during the 2013 election campaign.
One problem: no-one, including within the media, ever stopped to ask Aboriginal people if they actually wanted a "Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs", and in particular whether or not they wanted Abbott.
As it turns out, they apparently don't.....

Read the rest of the 13 September 2013 ABC News/The Drum article here.

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