Friday, 6 September 2013

Moggy Musings (Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat)

A Hogan's no hero musing:
Word round the traps is that when North Coast Nationals candidate in Page for September's federal election, Kevin Hogan, held a meet the locals at Nymboida in June 2013 only one person turned up. Hope I get to see the September 7 poll returns for booths in that area. :-)

An no prize for guessing musing:
Which Northern Rivers local government mandarin has been referred to by a frequenter of Gov. Macquarie Towers as having a personality disorder?

An anticipated political deathbed musing:
Which unsuccessful 2012 Clarence Valley Council election candidate is rumoured to be positioning herself for a by-election tilt, on the basis of a belief that one of the successful candidates may come a cropper and be forced to resign?

A not allowed any guns musing:

A horsey musing:
As a moggy who has always successfully managed to get a fair share of any pizza (minus onion) which enters my domain, I have to ask - has anyone else noticed how horse meat sweet Eagle Boys generic ground beef tastes?

A she almost died laffing musing:
I thought my hoomin was in serious danger of a laughter overdose tonight when she went to The Queensland Times and read this: It is hard not to feel just a little sorry for Tony Abbott, wherever your political allegiances lie. In a few short weeks the Opposition Leader's world has been turned on its head.
Even I would like to know how much catnip juice that journo had imbibed before he hit the keyboard! Sorry for Tony? Not this moggy.

A rumour musing:
Seems rumours persist that a certain Northern Rivers local government general manager still spits the dummy whenever he doesn't like local media coverage. If every time he talked of suing for defamation actually resulted in a court action he wouldn't have any time left for his day job.People are beginning to laugh quietly at the spectacle.

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