Friday, 20 September 2013

"Name supplied" - readers invited to guess who penned the letter

There are definitely times when newspapers publishing letters to editors shouldn't publish writers' names. However, today's edition of The Daily Examiner is not one of those times. One has to hope this was an oversight by the Examiner.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this misleading letter deserves to go to Media Watch & to the Press Council if someone complains to the Daily Examiner editor and she doesn't identify the writer and apologise to readers

Anonymous said...

My guess - Judith Melville

clarencegirl said...

It may be that this letter to the ediotr was written by an APN employee/Daily Examiner staff member and that is why name and address are not shown.

It could even be an attempt by management to ginger up the letters column post-election.

I seem to recall that under Peter Chapman's former editorship of this newspaper there was a feeling that certain published letters were not genuine.

Anonymous said...

cannot see why this writer thinks they need to be anon.

John Fraser said...

I think it might have been one of the following :

Bishop (the younger)
Bishop (the elder)
etc etc

Even Sophie Mirabella could be a suspect ..... right up her alley.

clarencegirl said...

To Anonymous 9.20 am 20.09.13,
"My guess - Judith Melville"? ROFLOL
Did you even read the letter in the NCV post?
BTW you actually aren't as anonymous as you think :-D

Anonymous said...

CG - never thought I was anonymous, bloody IP addresses, but I just testing to see if the blog author would let any non-leftie posts through, funny 1-liner though, wasn't it!

North Coast Voices Admin said...


Blog post authors do not moderate - NCV Administration does.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar you will find the only comments which may be rejected are those which include defamatory statements, racist remarks, hate speech, incitement to violence, gratuitous insults, obscenities, active matters before the courts, trolling and spam.

A comment's perceived position on the political spectrum is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

"Active matters before the courts", hmm, you sure moderator, thought I read some musings on a recent case here the other day, nothing like a vindictive poster delighting in an old nemesis having a bit of law trouble?

NCV Admin said...

Grow up, Anon.

As you well know, the policy applies to submitted comments.
It does not apply to posts by NCV authors who understand the parameters of opinion.

End of discussion. Go troll someone else.

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentions Dick Richards yet. He's my bet.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's mentioned Ibbo yet. Why not?