Monday, 2 September 2013

Tony Abbott caught doing the wrong thing out of misplaced vanity

The accompanying reporters on the factory floor seem to have all worn hair nets, but there was no protective hair net for Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott when he visited Cadbury's chocolate factory.

I would strongly advise staying away from all Cadbury products manufactured in Tasmania in August 2013.

However, that is not the only thing wrong with this picture.

While he was busy potentially contaminating chocolate, Tony Abbott also promised AUD $16M to US multinational Mondelēz International Inc (formerly Kraft Foods) to upgrade this factory.

By the June Quarter 2013 Mondelēz had announced assets of US $71.8 billion, net revenues of US $8.5 billion, gross profit of US $3.2 billion and, in the Asia Pacific region (which includes Australia) its power brands grew 15.5% led by Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Oreo and Chips Ahoy! biscuits, Stride gumand Tang powdered beverages.

It has no urgent need of funding from Australian taxpayers.

Abbott’s $16 million can be seen as a blatant attempt to buy the votes of workers at the Cadbury factory who may never have felt the need to do the maths. 

*Photograph from The Age

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Hang on, Tony Abbott hasn't any hair?