Sunday, 1 September 2013

Yet another Liberal candidate who has no idea about his own party's policy

ABC NEWS 20 August 2013:

A Liberal candidate in the northern Adelaide seat of Wakefield has admitted he does not know anything about the Coalition's climate change policy.
In a debate between Liberal candidate Tom Zorich and Labor member Nick Champion, mediator Peter van Onselen asked Mr Zorich to explain how the Coalition's Direct Action plan would work.
Mr Zorich told the audience he was not across the issue and did not have an answer.
"I will say to you as the candidate, as a candidate, as a candidate and a businessman I'm not across everything. My opponent has already acknowledged that. I'm sorry Pete, I haven't got much to tell you about that," he said.
Mr Zorich's response was met with jeers from the crowd.
He was then asked to explain why the Coalition had changed its policy from an Emissions Trading Scheme to Direct Action, and repeated he "did not have an answer for you here."
Mr Zorich was challenged about whether he should have understood his party's policy.
"I'm in a different sphere to where Nick Champion is and I will say to you now [I'm not] across all the issues Peter, and I will leave it at that," he said….

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