Friday, 27 September 2013

Yet another liquor outlet for Maclean NSW?

It would appear that Richies IGA Super Plus Liquor intends to add to the existing seven hotels, clubs and bottle shops in Maclean NSW (population 2,612) where one can obtain alcohol.

Eight outlets in total would mean there would be one place to obtain alcohol to drink on the premises or take way for every 326.5 town residents.

Any local resident wishing to make a submission concerning the Richies Stores Pty Ltd application may do so here

The Lower Clarence can look forward to this type of alcohol promotion if Richies’ application is successful:

* Application images found at Lower Clarence Ratepayers, Residents, Business Owners Facebook page

1 comment:

John Fraser said...

Liberal policy :

Keep them drunk, dumb and delinquent.

Covers all the bases for a police state.