Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An announcement Clarence Valley Council would probably like to make

"Please, residents and visitors in Yamba, get this in your thick heads: the access way from the eastern end of Susan Street to Yamba Road is not a pathway."

That's what Clarence Valley Council would probably like to publish in its public notices, but won't. Hence, here it is on NCV - provided as a public service.

Those who use the "path", which strangely enough has been covered with bitumen and has an access point that was especially included in the kerb and gutter at the end of Susan Street probably think they're using a footpath but they are so wrong! (The access, which is to the right of a telegraph pole, is clearly shown in the pic below.)

Here's an extract from the minutes of the Clarence Valley Council Lower Clarence Access Committee Meeting on 17th July, which are an attachment
to Council's Business Paper - Environment Planning & Works Committee 

Item 8.4: Yamba Susan St. shortcut
Discussion/Comment: The path way near Susan St through to Yamba Road was bought [sic] up again re pathway being slippery with leaf litter.
Action/Recommendation: This is not a designated pathway and 
never will be as the width does not meet the regulations.
Used as a short cut.

Action Officer: Nil

This is what the non-footpath looked like this morning.

Image credits: Google Maps and Clarrie's resources

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